Wednesday, April 05, 2006

24 - Not the Series... :)

24 - It's a good age! The LAST year you really qualify as young... next one is 25 - half of 50!!! The only good thing about 25 is that your vehicle insurance goes down - but then apparently does everything else!!!

We had a good ol' braai here @ the Riem, which ended about 6:30am - I barely slept an hour before my cell went mad with everybody calling/sms'ing. Had a good sleep during the afternoon though, of course after I cleaned up the kitchen which looked, well... disasterous would be a serious understatement!

At long last I'm really recovering from being sick for so long - thank you all for your prayers. I've seen some photo's from the braai - and yeah, I really did lose about 6-8kg's... I'm finishing with my antibiotics this weekend, then I'll hang out for a week before I'll start exersicing again. At the moment I'm really tucked-up 6 feet below with catching up on my academics. It should take about another 3 weeks before I'll be up to date on everything. I'll really have to pull a Jack Bouwer on myself, but hopefully it'll be finished sooner!

Talking about pulling a JB - thanks for all of you who were here - I really appreciate it. Sorry for those of you who missed out! Yes, I didn't tell you all it's actually my bday - and really enjoyed the surprize - especially you, Lara!!! (Hey you caught me out last year - couldn't refuse the payback!!!

Anyway, it's after 1:34am, and I should really get back to work... hope you all are well and doing fine...



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