Saturday, April 01, 2006

And March is a has-been!!!

WOW - what a month this was...

The first week I spent my time @ Stellenberg, preparing for Bibleschool mostly, as well as redesigning Stellenberg's new website... you can have a look @ the old (current) one here, and the new one here... These links should die around May/June '06, so check it out... Basically I've forced myself to study the Mambo/Joomla CMS System, and well, it was quite a learning experience! The site is basically ready to run, but as you can see the template really needs some work - which I refused from the start to work on, as you all know my graphics-skills suck... :)

The site still needs a calendar etc... which it will get soon enough. Just waiting for the Graphics Designers to complete the template... :)

I also had my first block-of class... 2 weeks of it to be exact!!! Some of the modules were really great, and others could have been used better.... you guys know the story. Sarien also visited for a weekend. It was really great to see her again - can't believe it was 8 months since I saw her... For those of you wondering... ask. Obviously I'm not publishing the entire story on a website... :)

For the last 10 days or so however, I got REALLY sick, as in spent all day in bed... (alone!) This is actually the first day in a long time I'm actually out of bed, answering emails and working... Ironically the holiday's just begun, but once again, can you eat it??? While my mom and Gottlieb will be enjoying the KKNK, I'll be here working like crazy... as usual... :)

Furthermore, I've been "resurecting" Lazarus (my old backup pc). I need it as a separate system for my commercial exams. I also got a 2port-KVM switch - great thing to use if you have more than one pc on your desk to work on! It runs Debian Sarge... (Ja, Morne, ek is bekeer!!!) Using and learning Linux is a difficult, but great experience for me.

I also had my first sermon @ stellenberg on the 5th of March. No I didn't invite you all, 'cause you were all still sleeping @ 9am!!! Will let you guys know when the next one is...

This week will be spent working @ stellenberg - have a LOT of research to do. Thankfully the Bibleschool is taking a break for 3 weeks - should help me to get up to date... For those of you who are wondering - keep the 26th of April open - it's gonna be one hell of a party!!!

Last but not least, I've started a homepage @ googlepages... Currently it looks like it (and of course this blog) will be my personal spaces on the web - you should be able to contact me through these sites for the forseeable future...

Regards - die dominee!

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