Thursday, February 02, 2006

en Januarie lê op sy rug.....

Hallo almal!

Vir al die mense wat my ken/en nog nie.... sal die res van die blog voortaan in die taal van die antichris volg (brits vir die wat nie verstaan nie!) :D

Well Well Well...

As the month of January lies on it's back, let me let you all in on what's happening in the life of the Dominee...

At last after 7 weeks I've returned to my home @ Riemvasmaak in Stellenbosch - and does it feel good to be back! I've already started my year @ Stellenberg, and it's simply amazing. I'll surely have an extremely busy year, but I really enjoy it a lot more than sitting in class the entire day!

I've been fighting with the bank the past week.... yeah, swotting for ABSA.... but it's ok... I'll finish my year on the 22nd of November. For those of you who don't know, I'll relocate to the UK @ around the end of the year. That definitely depends on me finishing my commercial IT qualifications during the year, but @ this stage it looks promising.

Furthermore, I've got a pic to show you how my room looks - it's looks MUCH less than a average res room, and much more like an office - if you ignore the usual pics and posters of time gone by... I can't take ANY pics/posters with me 2 the UK, so this will be the last year one can see them for the near future... :D

Good luck for all of you for the rest of the year - hope to see you all soon!



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Nicole H said...

Isn't it time you actually started Working!!!!!!!!!
How are you? Strangely enough, I was actually thinking about you the other day. And, then, up you pop into my e-mail box the very next week.
Well, Keep well. I still have to use e-mail, so mail me sometime!